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Stakes of renewable energies in Senegal.

According to Senegal’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the energy sector faces environmental, geopolitical, socio-economic and territorial challenges. With regard to environmental issues, it is a question of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combating the risks of accidents related to the exploitation of fossil fuels (oil spills, nuclear risks, etc.), mitigating pollution (air, water, soil and biosphere) as well as preserving ecosystems.

For the socio-economic stakes, we note a reduction of poverty, an increase in energy security, job creation in the sector, the development of industrial sectors through the involvement of private promoters as well as the establishment of modern, affordable and sustainable energy services capable of raising the country’s economy to acceptable levels of development in order to improve the well-being of the population.

Concerning the geopolitical stakes, it is a question of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, securing the energy supply, using as much as possible the renewable energies present on the Senegalese territory and finally satisfying the national energy needs (production of electricity, heating, transport etc).

As for territorial issues, they are mainly related to reducing the disparities between the rural and urban populations in terms of access to energy services.

The energy sector is confronted with environmental, geopolitical, socio-economic and territorial challenges.

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