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Context of renewable energies in Senegal.

In Senegal, energy self-sufficiency is one of the main concerns of decision-makers. To meet the growing need for energy in Senegal, two types of energy are used: non-renewable energy composed of fossil fuels and renewable energy. The latter are one of the cornerstones of the Plan Sénégal Émergent, which aims, among other things, to “guarantee broad and reliable access to quality and cheap energy”.

Several private PV solar power plants have been commissioned and integrated into the Interconnected Grid in order to achieve a rate of independence in solar and wind energy.

The solar power plants are operational to date:

Sakal 20Mw
of Diass 15Mw,
of Bokhole 20Mw,
of Malicounda 20Mw,
of Santhiou Mekhe 20Mw,
of Ten Merina 20Mw,

In addition, we also note :

The solar scaling program: from Kahone 35Mw and Kael 25Mw
Taiba Ndiaye 150Mw wind power plant

In the field of street lighting, after the installation of 1905 solar street lamps in religious cities, places of worship and local communities, a contract was signed for the supply and installation of 50,000 solar PV street lamps in all regions.

Concerning the promotion of solar electrification, 6, 18 MWp have been installed by ANER, CER, PUDC in collaboration with ASER. There are also the achievements of private solar companies offering innovative payment methods to the population as well as the installation in the regions of Kolda and Sédhiou of multifunctional solar platforms for processing, lighting, food preservation, welding etc.

Ensuring broad and reliable access to cheap and quality energy

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