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Universal access to energy by 2025 will necessarily require the intelligent development of an energy mix. Fortunately, Senegal has taken the train of the energy transition with already more than 20% of the production coming from renewable sources thanks to important achievements, the fruit of a public-private collaboration.

Our ambition is to support the Senegalese government in increasing this contribution to more than 30% by 2025.

To do so and as an illustration, COPERES has included in its new roadmap, a number of priority points among which :

Training, research and technological innovation,
Facilitating universal access to energy by relying on off-grid and mini grid solutions,
The promotion of large-scale energy storage solutions,
Facilitating the financing of solar home systems,
The launch of a national campaign to promote solar home systems and productive energy, particularly in rural areas,
Communication and awareness-raising actions for populations on energy issues in collaboration with Senelec.

Senegal 2025 renewable energy plan

Our ambition is to support the Senegalese government in increasing the contribution of energy production from renewable sources to more than 30% by 2020. The ambition is to achieve universal access by 2025.

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