Our Objectives

The Employers’ Council for Renewable Energies of Senegal (COPERES) aims to contribute to the promotion of companies operating at more than 65% in the renewable energy sector in Senegal, particularly through :

An advocacy with the State services of Senegal and ECOWAS in charge of all the concerns of the actors of the energy sector in general, and renewable energies in particular,
Advocacy with financial institutions and other technical partners and development agencies working in the sector,
The proposal of technical and managerial trainings to the members of COPERES,
The contribution to the networking of Renewable Energy professionals in the ECOWAS zone, in Africa and in the world,
Making its expertise and resources available to accelerate the pace of deployment of renewable energies and energy efficiency, particularly in rural areas,
Continued sensitization of African policy makers to the challenges of sustainable development and the benefits of using renewable energy,
Advocacy for affirmative action in favor of local content, with greater involvement of the Private Sector and Civil Society for Renewable Energy in the activities of the Economic and Regional Commissions and the African Union,
The promotion of the Public-Private Partnership and Civil Society in the field of renewable energies,
The contribution to the establishment of National Investment Funds for the development of renewable energy, taking into account socio-cultural aspects,
Involvement/integration of the Private Sector in electricity regulatory committees/commissions and in the boards of directors of state structures involved in the field of renewable energy,
The promotion of entrepreneurship and employability of young people and women in renewable energy in Senegal and Africa,
The establishment of a framework of exchanges and contribution for the development of the renewable energy sector,
The establishment of a framework for permanent dialogue between renewable energy stakeholders and national and African authorities in order to facilitate the development of the private renewable energy sector

Our goal

Defend the economic interests of member companies and all renewable energy professionals.




Are you a stakeholder in the renewable energy industry?

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