Perspectives du secteur

Prospects for the renewable energy sector in Senegal.

Five actions have been set out in the LDPSE 2019-2023, to promote renewable energy. They are : 

The intensification of the production of renewable energy in interconnected networks while taking care to mitigate the risks of intermittency as well as in isolated systems, the development of biomass for the production of electricity (household waste, agricultural residues, aquatic plants, etc.); 

The development and sustainability of solar public lighting in collaboration with local authorities; 

Supporting the development of renewable energies by setting up incentives to facilitate the acquisition of renewable energy equipment; 

The increased use of solar energy in the development of productive services (agriculture, livestock, handicrafts, etc.), the electrification of community structures (schools, health) in rural areas and the distribution of solar water heaters;
The establishment of a promotion and quality control system for renewable energy.

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